About Us

Our collection of products boasts a number of the very best quality within the industry, Our customer service is personal and that we look after all of our patients in our community.

We can virtually deliver overnight to anywhere in US, with the exception of extremely remote areas, but even in some remote and rural areas, we’ve seen success(some possible delays). We sell at affordable prices and discounts are given to bulk buyers and first timers. Delivery is 48hours max depending on your location. Our packages are discreet, packaging double vacuum sealed. 


NB: You must be 18 years of age and above, before you can purchase from our shop.

We believe in safe, discreet, and affordable access to all of the patients in our collective. 

Address : 5527 MOORHOUSE CT, SACRAMENTO, CA 95842
Phone Number : +1 (916) 776-6541
Email Address : sales@lazyapeshop.com