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The New LazyApe Live Resin – Super Apes Edition

Smart consumers know they can’t just go and buy whatever they feel like whenever they want it – that’s why we choose our products with care, choosing the best available with their hard-earned cash. We know you understand the importance of this, which is why we’re here to bring you only the best, such as our newest strain of LazyApe Live Resin called Super Apes Edition. It’s an exclusive, new version of an already award-winning live resin that has been further refined in order to give you the most highly potent product possible.

LazyApe has been making a name for themselves in the concentrate industry. We’ve been releasing some of the most innovative products, like the original Live Resin. Recently we released our newest innovation, The Super Apes Edition! This new release is not only packed full of flavor, but it’s also got a lot more THC to give you that intense high that you’re looking for.

What is live resin?
Live resin is a concentrated form of cannabis extract created using a solvent-less extraction process. When live resin is heated, the THC and other cannabinoids vaporize off of the plant material and then condense on a surface where they can be collected. This means that live resin has higher levels of THC than traditional concentrates like shatter or wax.

Why buy from LazyApe?
LazyApe is a company in the cannabis industry that has been around for a while now. We are well-known for our quality products and customer service, which sets us apart from other companies. The new Super Ape edition of the live resin is a high-quality product with an affordable price tag. If you are looking to try this product, or any other LazyApe products, we highly recommend them.

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Harlequin, Captain Kush, Red Berry, Kryptonite, Wonder Kush, Watermelon Kush, Wolvberry, Dark Knight, Sour Spider, Mango Stark